Current Lab Members

Principal Investigators


Agnes Agas, Ph.D.

I am interested in the mechanisms underlying adipose tissue expansion through adipogenesis and hypertrophy.


Tinghuan (Ting) Chen, Ph.D.

My research interests are two-fold: 1) on understanding the role of the fatty-acid binding protein, FABP4, in mediating adipogenesis and cancer progression, and 2) on understanding the molecular mechanisms of osteogenesis and the decision of mesenchymal stem cells to become either into bone (osteoblasts) or fat cells.


Bo Gong, Ph.D.

I am interested in how cells integrate membrane contact signals to control cell movements.


Yumi Ida, Ph.D.

I am interested in how cells coordinate the cell cycle and cell migration during tissue regeneration.  I want to measure the dynamics of various signaling pathways using genetically encoded sensors and optogenetic tools.


Marielle Köberlin, Ph.D.

The composition of the cellular lipid landscape is essential for the regulation of biological processes. Previously, the functional annotation of membrane lipids in macrophages led to the identification of lipid species differentially regulating receptor signaling. Cell migration and cell division are both fundamental processes that are precisely regulated by conserved signaling pathways combined with the availability of metabolites. My research is centered around the identification of metabolic pathways and specific metabolites regulating cell cycle progression and migration.



Sanjeev Sharma, Ph.D.

My interest lies in exploring mechanisms that co-ordinate cell proliferation and differentiation in the context of adipogenesis.


Alexander Thiemicke, Ph.D.

I am interested in understanding the relationship between cell polarization and proliferation.


Zhibo Zhang, Ph.D.

I am interested in the role of circadian rhythms in regulating cell differentiation.


Graduate Students

Leighton Daigh

My research focuses on how stochastic levels of endogenous cellular stress impact cell cycle dynamics and the proliferation decision.



Katie Ferrick

I am interested in how Hippo pathway signaling through YAP/TAZ regulates cell proliferation in response to changes in density and extracellular mitogens.


Kyle Kovary

I am interested in single-cell proteomics and how cell-to-cell variation and co-variation regulates cell decision processes. I use Xenopus laevis eggs and mammalian cells as cell models.


Nalin Ratnayeke

I study how cells regulate and prepare for DNA replication. In particular, I am interested in how cells coordinate the transition from G1, where cells prepare for DNA replication while robustly avoiding premature DNA synthesis, to S phase of the cell cycle.


David Rosenthal

My work in the Meyer Lab focuses on E2F pathway regulation in both cycling and arrested cells.


Samsara Upadhya

I am interested in the temporal regulation of the G1/S phase transition and mechanisms of quiescence exit.


Research Assistants